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Julia Dillhard and the Feminist KGB in Australia

Julia Dillhard and the Feminist KGB in Australia

To understand this above-named theme, you have to know about Germaine Greer. Greer's cites political theorists and exponents of sexual liberation, Herbert Marcuse (Frankfurt School),

Norman O'Brown and Wilhelm Reich (Frankfurt School)

as her philosophical mentors. To this, see the article "The Better Self" by Louis Nowra in the Monthly of March 2010, No. 54 on following web-site:

Learn about the Marxist Roots of Radical Feminism of the Jewish dominated Frankfurt School on:

Adolf Hitler protected his people from the Frankfurt School and as they could not find any field of operation anymore in Hitler's Third Reich, they were welcomed by US-President Franklin Delano-Roosevelt and thus could start their subversion of American values and interests from Columbia University which is still today leading to the destruction of the Western World and Western men. Read more to this on:

The ugliness which runs our daily lives is almost without precedent in the history of Western civilization and it's reason for it is, the Frankfurt School and the Tavistock-Institute. Read following articles to this on:

Siegmund Freud was the prophet of the Tavistock Institute, which also cooked up a second wave of feminism. The Tavistock Institute worked closely together with the Frankfurt School. Read more to this on:

Read about the Satanic Roots of Feminism, on:

Ms. Dillhard, like Germaine Greer is the product of the same School and the same Institute and she describes herself as a "socialist and a feminist" and you can learn about her communist party connections on following web-sites:

Learn about Dillhard's evil part of the New World Order on:

Is Dillhard connected to a satanist cult? Go and explore this on following web-sites:

Girl-KGB-Power in Australia - Australian Governor General, Quentin Bryce and her Freemason-Connections. Note: Bryce was the first Commissar of the Australian Human Rights KGB(Commission) More to this on:

Anna Bligh and Julia Dillhard ruining Australia, on:

Julia Dillhard - guilty of treason, as seen on:

The KGB-feminists created an organization-network within the ALP, which makes sure that women get more positions in business, politics and government, namely Emily's List. They are also pushing for the legalization of abortion. Oprah of US-America also belongs to this list and did her deed lately in Australia, like US-secretary of state Hillary Clinton did. The KGB-girls are really up for some hot cooking. Read about it more on:

The Association of Labour Lawyers is also promoting KGB-feminism. Find more to this on:

Accordingly nobody wonders anymore about the judgment in the Cairns Abortion-Case. The Criminal law clearly states that abortion is a crime in the Australian state of Queensland. In the Cairns-case, there were two consenting adults who conceived a child and then allegedly ended the life of their child, because, as they told the media, they were not "ready" for that child. For that reason they committed an abortion and were guilty!
Judge Bill Everson's direction is clearly wrong in law. Read more to this on:

Thus the verdict of not guilty should be appealed! But you will not expect this, because captain Bligh and her ALP want to change the Abortion-laws in the Australian state of Queensland and she might succeed, because Bligh controls judges, as she knows where all the judges’ skeletons are buried. Find out about this on:

For that reason Bligh does not do justice in the Heiner-Affair, mentioned on following web-site:

On the following web-site is a comment from Des, who alleges pedophilia at the University of Queensland:

In this connection we also wish to mention corrupt Rev. Canon Prof. Dr. John Leslie Morgan at the St. John’s College, UQ. See the article about him on:

KGB-feminist Rule also applied in the acquittal of Susan Falls, through a court of the state of Queensland which is run by KGB-feminist captain Bligh. The case was reported in the sunshine Coast Daily of 4th June, 2010 on the pages 1 + 4 under the headlines “She’s Free” and “Susan’s a hero”. Read the to newspaper-articles on following web-sites:

In these above-named articles it is reported, that Mrs. Falls had confessed to lacing curried pawns with sleeping tablets, waiting until her husband had fallen asleep and then shooting him in the head twice.

She claims that she was defending herself and her children against violent death-threats of her husband. However how could have her husband been a death-threat to her and her children anymore, when he was asleep. Falls could have rang the police after her husband fell asleep and could have told them that she had to paralyze him, because of his death-threats. The police had certainly taken care of her husband in a jail and a protection-order had put her and her children under protection. She also could have used the protection of a women-refugee.
Unfortunately she did not do this, because she must have been in a rush of hate and thus in a cold-blooded way shot him to death and with the help of three associates concealed him somewhere. Every criminal wants to conceal his crime, because he/she knows and feels of the wrong-doing. Nobody can understand the Jury-verdict, which must have been under the influence of drugs?!?
Lawyer Debbie King, the head of the women’s prisoner support group “Sisters Inside” was a lawyer in this case. Mentioned on following newspaper-web-site:

“Sisters Inside” is a male-hating KGB-feminist organization, which is also supported by some members of the judiciary, including former Judge Carter:

For that reason, nobody is surprised, when the jury in this case was rigged. However the message is out there now for husbands. If she threatens you with the Family Court or gets funny, kill her before she kills you. Life after the family-Court is jail anyway, so what makes the difference? The department of prosecution certainly did not appeal this verdict!
Another result of this feminist KGB-System is, that in particular our Family-Courts are run by feminist KGB-Agents and their obedient poofter-males, as seen on:

Also the Human-Rights-KGB-Commissar(Commission)is a feminist KGB – operation and through the Racial Vilification Laws wants get rid of Freedom of Speech. See more to this on:

Now, we know all where the KGB-System of the USSR ended up and thus a new Siegfried-Line in the Battle against Feminism has been drawn up. See more to this on:

To discuss this matter, you are invited to participate in the Australian Sydney-Forum:

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